Donate Personal Property

Call our main Office and talk with Steve or Danielle about the property you would like to donate to the PTBBC organization.

Click on the Contact tab at the top

The PTBBC organization accepts all types of donations including but not limited to the following.

Vehicles -- such as Cars, Trucks, Boats, and Planes

Real Estate -- such as Homes, Land, and Commercial Property

Investments -- such as Stocks, Bonds, CDs, Securities, Mutural Funds, Whole Life Policies, and Treasury Notes

Commodities -- Physical goods such as Gold, Silver, and Copper

Artwork -- such as Paintings, Prints, Drawings, and Statues


Sports Memorabilia -- including Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer

Vintage Collectables -- Antiques such as Coins,  Dolls, Train Sets, and Antique Funiture

Office Furniture -- such as Desks, Chairs, and Conference tables

Miscellaneous items -- such as Pinball Machines, Table Games, Board Games, and Puzzles