Play To Beat Brain Cancer will be conduct many Fundraising events to honor those that have fought or are currently fighting any form of Brain Cancer. A family or friend can also request that the fundraiser be an annual event. The events can be any type of sporting competition/tournament such as Baseball, Volleyball, Skiing, Fishing or Golf. We will also conduct indoor game tournaments such as Monopoly, Pool, Darts, Backgammon, Bridge, Bingo & Texas Hold-Em. We have conducted Outdoor & Indoor Carnivals. In addition we will conduct On-line game tournaments.



The Play To Beat Brain Cancer team intends to participate at various Fairs & Festivals around the nation in 2017 to provide information about Brain Cancer and our organization at our booth. People can donate while playing a game. They will be able to purchase gift items and register on our web site. Click on the button to view the current and upcoming schedule.