Play To Beat Brain Cancer will be conduct many Fundraising events to honor those that have fought or are currently fighting any form of Brain Cancer. A family or friend can also request that the fundraiser be an annual event. The events can be any type of sporting competition/tournament such as Baseball, Volleyball, Skiing, Fishing or Golf. We will also conduct indoor game tournaments such as Monopoly, Pool, Darts, Backgammon, Bridge, Bingo & Texas Hold-Em. We have conducted Outdoor & Indoor Carnivals. In addition we will conduct On-line game tournaments.



The Play To Beat Brain Cancer team intends to participate at various Gaming Events / Conventions around the nation in 2018 to provide information about Brain Cancer and our organization at our booth. In addition they will be able to acquire gaming related items such as Polyhedral & Metal Dice, Trays, Towers, Boxes & Bags. Click on the button to view the current and upcoming schedule.