KantCon: July 14-16

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Share the memories of your loved one. Connect with our online family and help us raise Brain Cancer awareness. 

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How can we Help

If you need financial assistance with  your medical expenses to combat Brain Cancer, click on the Contact tab at the top of the page. Then send us a note.



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Our Organization

The Play To Beat Brain Cancer name embodies the goal of our team. We raise funds in honor of those that fight Brain Cancer by playing games that the individual enjoyed. This includes but is not limited to Board games, Electronic games, On-line games, RPG, Puzzles, and all types of Sports.




Saturday, June 3rd

Noon till 6 PM


St. Sabina Parish

700 Trevis Ave, Belton, MO

Tickets at the Door
1 for $1  --  12 for $10  --  25 for $20

 Games for All Ages

Over 20 activities Including:

Bounce House
Face Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Ring Toss, Can Slam, Hula Hoop contest, Duck Matching, Can Slam, Corn Hole, Football Toss, Hole in One, Shooting Gallery, Marble Shooting, Yard Darts, Guessing Booth, and many more.

Join in on the Raffle & Silent Auction

Play the Classic Arcade with 60 games such as Pac-Man, Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, and Space Invaders.

Carnival Food & Drinks Galore


Current News

The owners of Ambrosia Catering KC are partnering with us to provide a Venue for many of our events.


Kaylee Update

Kaylee has shown her incredible inner strength while receiving monthly Chemo treatments.

Summer is quickly approaching bringing renewed growth & hope. So please donate and give hope to those such as Kaylee battle brain tumors. 


If you have an Event idea to help raise funds to help Kaylee and others, please go to our Contact page and share you idea with us.


If you can't make an event, please go to our Donate page and help pay the medical expenses for those like Kaylee.

Thank You!

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Play To Beat Brain Cancer organization is to provide financial assistance to those families that cannot afford the cost of medicines, treatments and surgeries for all forms of brain Cancer. We also support the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for their continuing research into the causes and potential cures for Brain Cancer.